Terms and conditions


  • Varia is the operator of a website called www.varia.one and varia.co.il ("the site"), which is used for searching and promoting real estate with or without virtual tours. ("users of the site").
  • The purpose of this agreement is to regulate the relationship between Varia to the any person and/ or entity and/ or entity or anyone who use the varia website
  • Varia reserves the right to update this agreement from time to time, at its sole discretion and without to give any notice in advance. The change in the Terms of Use will come into effect immediately after its publication.
  • If you are under the age of 18, please read these agreement carefully with your parents (or another guardian). If you (or your parents) do not agree to the agreement, you may not use this Site for any purpose.
  • On the site you will find a variety of content and information including verbal, visual and vocal content, or any combination of them. Depending on this agreement, you can search and compare prices between apartments. You may publish reviews, recommendations and opinions, and use the variety of the Site's various services (the "Services").
  • The site publishes content originating from the users of the site and content originating in Varia and/ or the Businesses that work with Varia. Varia shall not be responsible for errors, omissions and / or inaccuracies that may occur as a result thereof.
  • It is emphasized that the site does not serve as a sales site, Varia will not be considered as a seller and / or offering any products and / or services to users other than VR photography services.
  • This site is intended for private use only and any commercial use thereof without the prior written consent of Varia is prohibited.
  • It is clarified that these agreement apply to the use of the Site and the contents contained therein using any computer or other communication device.
  • Varia reserves the right to periodically send updates and / or other advertising materials to users via e-mail and / or text messages to the mobile phone.

Site Registration

  • To register for certain services on the Site, you may be asked to provide Varia a number of details about you which will appear on the section of the site called "Personal Area". These details have a personal character. The procedures according to which Varia operates in the collection and use of such information are set forth in Section 7 below (the "Privacy Policy").
  • During the registration in the personal area you will be asked to provide Varia with information that will include, your full name, e-mail address, address and phone number. Some of the data that you will be asked to provide are mandatory details - the required details will be marked explicitly. In addition to these details you are asked to choose a password or sign up using your own Facebook account ("Facebook Account") or Google account (“Google Account”), which will be used to identify you in order to receive the services (the "Registration Form"). You are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and undertake to notify the Company immediately of any unauthorized use of your password and / or any other breach of confidentiality. A surfer who has completed the registration form in the personal area will be hereinafter referred to as "registered user". It is hereby clarified that filling out the registration form constitutes your consent to your registration for the personal area of ​​the site.
  • As part of the registration process, a link is made between the e-mail address provided by you and the Facebook account. However, in order to link the Facebook account to the site, you will be required to give your consent in advance, using the standard approval screen of the Facebook site. Permission to link the Facebook account to the Varia site constitutes your agreement to publish your name and profile picture appearing in your Facebook account on the Site, including, but not limited to, your comments and / or opinions.
  • You undertake to provide true, accurate, correct and complete information about you, as requested in the registration form on the Site. You also undertake to update the information as provided in the registration form in order to maintain its accuracy.
  • Varia will be entitled to act in the database of users registered in accordance with the provisions of the law and to make use of the database of registered users, inter alia, for the purpose of sending information and content to registered users, including advertisements of various merchants and / or advertisers.
  • Varia will have no responsibility for the unauthorized use of any third party using the data appearing on the registration form. If you choose to share this information with any third party, you will be responsible for all actions taken with your data.
  • If you lose control of one or more of your data, you will lose substantial control over your personal information and will be subject to legally binding actions on your behalf. Therefore, if the data is not safe for any reason, it is your duty to change it immediately.
  • Varia reserves the right to suspend, cancel or refuse to provide the service it provides to you on the Site, in any event in which Varia believes, at its sole and absolute discretion, that the information you provided is not real, updated, complete or correct at the time of registration or thereafter, That the use of the services of Varia was done unlawfully and / or in violation of these Terms of Use and / or an offense and / or fraudulent or unlawful act in any respect, all with or without notice.
  • The data you provide when registering for the services on the site and / or updating your information (as will be done from time to time) will be stored in the database. You are not required by law to provide the information, but without providing the information in the required fields, you will not be able to use the services that require registration. The information you provide at the time of registration will not be disclosed to third parties except as detailed below.

Comments, reviews and recommendations on the site

  • The site also publishes content that originates from the users of the site, including the opinions and comments that enable the exchange of information, content and impressions among the users of the site ("the opinion"). Publication of the opinion, writing a response to the opinion is open to the users of the site. The opinion is open to all users. Some of the details provided by the user, including the name and city of residence, may appear at the time of publication of your opinion on the site. The opinions may include a score that will be given by registered users to the business on a number of predefined criteria as well as free text.
  • Who wishes to publish an opinion on the website, shall relate to the merchant and / or the service provider according to his impression and his subjective opinion only. Varia reserves the right to cancel and / or modify and / or edit any published opinion, at its sole discretion.
  • In addition, at any time, Varia may, from its sole discretion, examine the reliability of the opinion by means of telephone and / or other surveys, which are referred to surfers, as well as through internal tests conducted by Varia ("reliability surveys"). The results of the reliability surveys, so far as they are implemented and so far as Varia decides to publish them, will be posted on the site alongside the opinion, and by agreeing to these terms of use you agree that the Company will contact you by email, notice or otherwise for the purpose of carrying out reliability surveys. The users of the site and therefore the company is not responsible for their accuracy and / or reliability and reliance on them is your sole responsibility.
  • Varia is not responsible for any changes and / or correction and / or omission and / or damage of any kind made to the content uploaded by users and / or written by users in the framework of the opinion and / or any other framework on the site. It is possible that for various reasons that are not under the control of Varia, the content published in the opinion and / or in any other framework appearing on the site will be changed and / or deleted.
  • Varia may cancel the recommendations and / or comments, modify, from time to time, the structure, appearance and availability of the services and contents of the Site, and not publish and remove opinions and / or comments without prior notice and at its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Varia may demand that a registered user who has published an opinion on the Website, as well as written evidence proving that he has received the service and / or the product that is the subject of the opinion from the merchant and / or the service provider and Varia will have sole discretion and without any prior notice Knowledge and / or reactions, or remove them.
  • By using the site as part of submitting content for publication on the site, including publication in the opinion, you are fully and exclusively responsible for any result that may result from this and you should refrain from publishing it: (1) Content that the upload and / or content of which are illegal and / Or impair the operation of the system; (2) Content of a racist, offensive, and / or the nature of their publication as defamation and / or violation of any law; (3) Content that may harm and / or harm the feelings of the public, including any content of an insulting, defamatory, harassing or offensive nature that may harm the feelings of the public; (4) Any content that may constitute the basis of a criminal complaint and / or a civil action or constitutes a violation of any Israeli law, including illegal content and / or content that encourages, assists or guides the commission of an act constituting a criminal offense and / ; (5) any content that infringes and / or is likely to harm the reputation of the merchants and / or a third party; (6) any content that may be misleading and / or any content known to the user as false, misleading or distorted; (7) Content that violates privacy; (8) content in which the intellectual property rights do not belong to you; (9) Content of a commercial nature and / or containing any advertising information; (10) any content that personally identifies other people without consent to the publication of their identity and / or contents that contain a computer virus of any kind. It is hereby clarified that Varia may not publish and / or remove any content that includes one or more of the said sections.
  • In the event that the user asks for any reason to delete the opinion he has raised on the site, he will remove at his request his name and identifying particulars, as well as the content of the opinion he has raised.
  • The contents published in the opinion may not be true and / or accurate and / or correct, in whole or in part. Varia is not liable for any damage, loss, deficiency or expense incurred by you if you act on the basis of the information, content or messages published in the recommendations and any reliance on them is at your sole risk.
  • Content published in the recommendations will be exposed to all Internet users. Varia will not be liable to the user for any responses received regarding the publication of the recommendations and / or any result and / or damage and / or lack of pocket caused to the user or his property following the above responses. Any content published by the user on the site.
  • It is clarified that a representative on behalf of the merchant who is the subject of the recommendations will be entitled to respond to recommendations and / or responses, subject to the terms of use.

Presentation of prices and comparison of dwellings

  • Varia presents and compares the site between real estate properties as received from the merchants, the service providers and / or the various advertisers, at Varias sole and absolute discretion ("displaying prices"), when making a purchase will be carried out directly on the website of the merchant , And according to the terms of use therein, Varia shall not be a party, directly or indirectly, to such purchase transaction.
  • The use of price display services is in accordance with the terms of use and the responsibility of the user only.
  • Varia does not guarantee that the prices and information necessarily reflect the information actually given by the merchant and / or the provider of services and that services and commissions may be provided at prices lower or higher than the prices displayed on the site. Varia has no responsibility, direct or indirect, for such information and prices and any use made by you.
  • Varia shall not be liable for discrepancies, inaccuracies and / or errors that will be between the prices appearing on the site and the price actually collected by the merchant and / or the service provider and will not be liable for any damage and / or deficiency that will be caused to you or to a third party as a result of reliance on Shown at recommended prices.
  • The surfer can compare, by means of the comparison tool on the site, between different properties according to categories ("Comparison of apartments"). It should be clarified that the comparison of dwellings does not show all apartments of the same type or type, which are published on the site, but the apartments that match the category chosen by the user only.
  • The search results and prices displayed on the site are presented by a computerized automated mechanism of the site, and are delivered to Varia by third parties without any involvement and / The data presented on the site as search results and / or comparison of apartments and / or displaying prices and / or linked by the site are prepared and developed by persons and / or entities on which the wagons have no control. This information and data are the exclusive responsibility of third parties and the Company has no control over them and / or responsibility for their contents, reliability or reliability, including details about the third party, the nature and / or quality of the apartments and / or services provided by it, prices and presentations and any information Other than the information displayed or distributed by a third party.

Presentation of maintenance services

  • We are not a party to any transactions that may occur between you and a third party through the Site, including, without limitation, property owners, property managers, or third party employees. We are not a party to any contract or other agreement between you and such third parties. WE ARE NOT AND SHALL NOT BE LIABLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES FOR INFORMATION, DOCUMENTS, AGREEMENTS, OBLIGATIONS OR OTHER INTERACTIONS BY, BETWEEN OR AMONG USERS AND SUCH THIRD PARTIES THROUGH THE SITE.

Remove or restrict content on the Site

  • Freedom of speech is one of the cornerstones of the site, but also the preservation of the laws of the State of Israel. Therefore, you are prohibited from posting on the website, inter alia, the following content: Content that is sexually explicit, threatening, racist, libelous, encourages criminal or civil offenses, infringes privacy, harms public sensibilities and content that constitutes a violation of the law ; Content in which the intellectual property rights do not belong to you; Content that contains a computer virus of any kind; Content that is not relevant to the services provided on the site.
  • Varia may refuse to publish content which in its opinion violates any of the following conditions and / or is likely to harm the Site and / or the Company and / or any third party.
  • If you find information that is found to be incorrect, illegal and / or immoral, you are requested to notify the webmaster of this site at info@varia.one

Limitation of Liability of Varia and anyone on its behalf

  • Varia is not responsible for and shall not bear any responsibility for the content and / or availability of the services on the site, including the contents submitted for publication and on any end device in which they appear, their content, reliability, accuracy, reliability and impact on the computers of the users. In addition, Varia is not liable for and shall not be held liable for any damage, inconvenience, loss, aggravation, etc., directly or indirectly, caused to you, your property or any third party for the use of these contents (including by minors and as a result of computer viruses) Or downloading any material from the Website (Download) and / or due to illegal penetration and use or disruption of content by third parties.
  • Varia will not be held liable for the contents of the advertisements and commercial information published on the site, including content that will be transferred between the users in the framework of opinions and links to sources and / or databases and / or services and / or other content sites, etc. For the avoidance of doubt, That placing ads, connectivity and commercial information on the Site shall not be construed as an offer to use, as an expression of support, encouragement, consent or sponsorship of the Site, either explicitly or implicitly to the content and / or services offered by the advertisers on the Site. Agrees or expresses its opinion regarding the correctness and / or accuracy and / or level and quality of the content and / or of any information, advertisements, Products, opinions and positions displayed on other sites and / or any content, information, advertisements, services, products, opinions and positions that the site or other sites refer to and any reliance of the user on any content, information, advertisements, The sites to which such referral may be made, including content, opinions and positions presented or published there, are made at the discretion of the user and at his sole responsibility.
  • The content and services appearing on the site are intended to provide information only and are not a tip, recommendation or professional opinion given by Varia and are not a substitute for consultation with a professional.
  • Any transaction you make following an ad or information published on the site or through a link to a third party site, including the linked sites, does not include Varia as a party to the transaction, and will be concluded directly between the user and the relevant advertiser. Varia is not a party to any such transaction, it will not be responsible for the services and products offered on the site or on the sites you have accessed via links from the site
  • Varia will not participate in the disputes if and when they arise between the various parties in the transaction. An advertisement displayed on the site by a non-Varia entity is the property of the advertiser and therefore can not be used against the advertiser's right. Varia does not guarantee that all the links found on the site will be valid and lead you to an active website. Varia may remove links from the site in the past, add new links or refrain from adding new links - all in its sole and absolute discretion. Also, being on the site of a link to a site does not constitute a confirmation that the information on this site is complete, reliable, current or reliable.
  • The use of the site and content is provided as is in accordance with the Varia decision, and you will not have any claim, claim or demand against the company due to the usage characteristics, limitations or reactions that will be caused by advertising on the site and the end products. The use of the content displayed on the site, the end devices and the services of the site will be at your sole and full responsibility.
  • Varia does not guarantee that the services of the site will be provided in an orderly or non-stop manner, will be held safely and without errors, will not be disturbed and will be immune to unauthorized access to Varia's computers or from damage, malfunctions, malfunctions or failures.
  • Varia may close the Site and change from time to time the structure, appearance and availability of the Services and the contents provided therein, without the need to inform you in advance.