Virtual Tours for Homeowners that that work with VARIA - FREE

Avoid logistics and unnecessary questions

Photo of a virtual tour for homeowners

What do you get from us

Every VARIA customer gets the best technology for his home for free. After we film, you will get a virtual tour and high quality photos that will be used for marketing your home.

3 benefits that will save you money, time, and a headache

Saving our customers time

Virtual tour technology allows potential tenants to tour the home and understand it better, such as size and the condition of the property. It will save you the answers you need to provide potential renters and even avoid unnecessary meetings

photo of a virtual tour that provides an open house

Open House 24/7

The virtual tour of your home will be available 24/7 and will be available to tour at any time of day from anywhere in the world. This will increase the exposure to the property. For renters this will speed up the process and lead to a faster closing of a contract.

Photo of a homeowner seeing the virtual tour on facebook and google

The Virtual Tour is available across all platforms and social media

Potential tenants can see and explore the home from a laptop or a phone. And of course if you would like to share the virtual tour through facebook or your website you can do that too.

Photo of VARIA team filming a home for a homeowner form

Professional team with training in virtual tour creation for real estate

Quality is important for us therefore our photographers are trained for virtual tour photography in real estate

VARIA Real Estate Services

  • Good Customer Service
  • Save Time
  • Virtual Tour
  • Increase Efficiency
Photo of FAQ for virtual tours for homeowners
How do you provide the tour for free?

The virtual tour is given for free for VARIA customers who sign an exclusivity contract with us. The payment is processed only when signing a rental contract with the potential tenant

Can I request a virtual tour without being obligated to VARIA?

Yes, the price of a virtual tour of a home up to 250 meters is 600 shekels, for every additional 100 meters there is a 250 shekel additional fee. You can get more info here

What do I need to do to get a high quality virtual tour?

After signing for exclusivity, you will need to be sure to organize and clean the home so that we can film it in the highest quality possible.