Photo of a virtual tour for homeowners
photo of a virtual tour that provides an open house
Photo of a homeowner seeing the virtual tour on facebook and google
Photo of VARIA team filming a home for a homeowner form

VARIA Real Estate Services

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Photo of FAQ for virtual tours for homeowners
How much does a marketing package cost?

The cost of a marketing package depends on the budget you set. We take a small commision and the rest goes towards targeted ads. Pricing ranges from 10%-20% of the marketing budget. Its important to note that you can benefit from VARIA marketing services for free if you use VARIA Real Estate Services

Do I need to order a 360 Virtual Tour from VARIA in order to list on VARIA website?

No, 360 Virtual Tours is a service we provide to better suit our customers however if you already are working with a 360 Virtual Tour provider you can simply copy and input the link to showcase your 360 Virtual tour on our site!