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VARIA Property Marketing Packages – What is it?

Varia marketing packages allow you to sit back and relax, knowing that your listings are being advertised in all the right places online. Simply pick a budget, and our professionals will market your apartment across the internet.

How much does Marketing property Packages cost?

The cost of an effective VARIA campaign is based on your Marketing Budget.

  • You set a budget which limits the maximum amount that will be used for your campaign.
  • The amount is paid to the platforms we use such as google and facebook.
  • When searching visitors click on your ads.
  • When your Ad appears for a search query based on the keywords you are targeting, you are charged only if the user actually clicks through to your site. Thus the term Pay Per Click. (PPC)

You can split your marketing package among your different listings as long as you maintain a minimum of 100 shekels per property.

What we offer you - Property Marketing Services

A marketing package is an easy way to be sure your property is being marketed in all the best places. We promote listings across facebook and google networks to insure your property will get the best possible exposure.

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Setting up and configuration of a Google and Facebook Ads

  • Diagnostic of the best keywords for you to target
  • Ongoing ‘Bid Management’ analysis to achieve maximum ROI
  • Creating Ad groups for your campaign to maximise your quality Score
  • Creating display advertising for display networks
  • Optimising your campaigns
Full quality service

No Lock-In Contract

We know our service yields excellent results and that once you start advertising with Varia, you’ll end up staying for the long-haul. However, we don’t lock-in contracts. You can cancel our service at any time.

Increase exposure for your property

Flexible ּMarketing Budget

Your monthly budget can be changed at your discretion with only one days’ notice, whether you want to increase or decrease it. You are, however, required to pay for all fees that have been incurred up to that time. We charge no fees for budget changes.

Property Marketing Packages Pricing

Simple, Flexible pricing options for every budget

Start up

Up to $200 per month

Campaign Management Fee



$200 - $400 per month

Campaign Management Fee



$400-600 per month

Campaign Management Fee


All marketing packages are for 1 month

We've got the answer

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How much does a marketing package cost?

The cost of a marketing package depends on the budget you set. We take a small commision and the rest goes towards targeted ads. Pricing ranges from 10%-20% of the marketing budget. Its important to note that you can benefit from VARIA marketing services for free if you use VARIA Real Estate Services

Can i split my marketing package across different properties?

Yes, as long as you maintain a minimum 100 shekels per property.

How long does a marketing package last?

The duration of a marketing package is one month. You can always extend or cancel at anytime. However you will have to pay for costs that have already been spent.

On what platforms do you promote your property marketing packages?

We focus mainly on Facebook and google ads, however we may extend to different ad platforms such as taboola, instagram and more.