360 Virtual Tours for Rental Properties

Easy, fast, and inexpensive! From now on, you don't need to explain to renters how your home looks? The virtual tour we will create for your apartment will answer 99% of the questions for your property. Order a 360 Virtual Tour now and get the most qualified and professional team taking care of your 360 Virtual Tour for your property.

What is VARIA 360 Virtual Tours?

What is VARIA 360 Virtual Tours for Real Estate?

When viewing a 360 virtual tour, you can interact with the tour by using your computer’s mouse or touchpad to “move around” in the location. This gives you a true sense of what it would be like to visit the apartment. There are a number of companies that produce Virtual tours, we have chosen to partner with the company Matterport which is a pioneer in the field and brings the best quality tours in the world. You will be able to learn how it works from their site

The Benefits of Using a 360 Virtual Tour for your Rental Property

Rent your home with the help of a virtual tour of your apartment and with minimum intervention

Saves Time

Saves Time

Using 360 Virtual Tour technology enables potential customers to view the property without physically arriving. Narrowing down the potential customers to the people who are very interested in your property, preventing unnecessary meetings.

24/7 Free Access

24/7 free access

Virtual tours are accessible 24/7 and can be viewed any time of day, allowing for a higher exposure of the property to potential customers. And prevents you from unnecessary meetings and accelerates closing the deal

The Virtual Tour is Accessible Across All Platforms

The Virtual Tour is Accessible Across All Platforms

Virtual tours are viewable across all platforms. Potential tenants can view the virtual tour via a computer, laptop, smartphone, or a virtual reality headset. The tour can be shared on any website and through Facebook

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Virtual tours allows customers to view and search homes from the comfort of their home and from all over the world. Preventing unnecessary drives, reducing co2 emissions.

Professional and Courteous Real Estate Photography Team

Professional and Courteous Real Estate Photography Team

At VARIA, we strive for customer satisfaction. Our photography team is well trained and courteous to meet our customers’ needs. We stand to provide professional, quality work on time. Our success is based on your satisfaction.

Virtual Tour Pricing for Apartments

One price. No surprises

*For every additional 100 meters, 250 shekels additional cost
  • 360 Virtual Tour
  • Minimum 20 images
  • Video
  • 2d floor plan

*If you choose VARIA services you will get a virtual tour of your property forfree!

  • We provide discounts for bulk purchases, contact us for more details
  • Tour is valid for one year

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Virtual Tour Q&A
What are the benefits of 360 virtual tours?

For the virtual tour service, It costs 600 ILS for apartments up to 150 meters. There will be an additional 250 ILS for every 100 additional meters. VARIA doesn't have discounts for bulk purchases. It's important to note that VARIA provides free virtual tours for homeowners who work with VARIA Real Estate Services

What technology do you use for 360 virtual tours?

We have decided to partner with the leader in virtual tour technology matterport to provide the highest quality 360 virtual tours for our customers. Matterport makes 3D cameras that create an interactive and real experience when viewing the virtual tour. The use of the camera is done for apartments for rent, measurements, and floor plan creation for the property.

How Long does a 360 Virtual Tour last?

Each 360 Virtual Tour lasts for up to one year. You have an option to extend if needed for an additional 150 shekels for every additional year.

Do I need to order a 360 Virtual Tour from VARIA in order to list on VARIA website?

No, 360 Virtual Tours is a service we provide to better suit our customers however if you already are working with a 360 Virtual Tour provider you can simply copy and input the link to showcase your 360 Virtual tour on our site!