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No matter what kind of home you have to share, VARIA makes it simple and efficient to market your home to the world. You're in full control of your listing and with an interactive 360 virtual tour, you will attract only serious customers.

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      Take full control of your listings. You can edit anytime

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Whether you are a homeowner or a Real Estate Agent - Don't fall behind!

The technology that Varia provides allows you to advertise your apartment quickly and streamline the apartment rental process

4 Reason to Advertise your Property with VARIA

And bottom line - find you the right tenant with minimum intervention and time on your part

Virtual Tours

360 Virtual Tours

360 virtual tours provide potential tenants with an interactive experience, allowing them to tour a property before actually physically visiting it.

Flexible Digital Marketing

Flexible Digital Marketing Packages

VARIA provides marketing management for your listings. Allowing you to sit back and relax knowing that your listings are being advertised by the professionals

Community Questions and Answers

Community Questions and Answers

Instead of answering the same question dozens of times about the apartment, we assigned a collaborative area of ​​questions and answers that all prospective tenants can see about the apartment.

Multishare listings

Multishare listings

With the click of a button, simply post your property to Facebook, share via email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

We've got the answer

Image FAQ Advertising Apartment
Does it cost money to list my property?

For a standard listing there is no fee to list your property. We do offer additional services such as 360 virtual tours and marketing packages that do cost. You can see more here 360 virtual tours, marketing packages For an all-inclusive real estate experience see VARIA Real Estate Services

How many properties can I list for free?

You can list as many properties as you wish, we have no limit for the maximum you are allowed to list.

How long does my listing stay online?

You can remove your listing anytime. Your listing stays active for as long as it is relevant for you to list your property. When you are ready you can simply unpublish it and it will be removed from search results.

Do I have an agent representing me and showing my home?

When you list your property on your own, you are responsible for showing your property and answering any questions customers may have. We do offer Real Estate Agents Services offering a more complete service