Frequently Asked Questions

Marketing packages

Why should I pay for property marketing packages if I can advertise for free on your site?

It is worth noting that 90% of the payment is transferred to the tools we use to promote and market your apartment across the internet. The same promotion that will actually help expose your apartment to more relevant rental audiences. No problem, publishing the apartment for free, it should be taken into account that the apartment will only be exposed to the visitors of the VARIA website and thus can slow down the process of finding the tenant for your apartment.

Which digital channels do you use in your property marketing packages?

The main channels where we market your apartment online are Google search engine, social media such as Facebook and Instagram, email, and banner advertising on websites.

If I decide to use VARIA property marketing services, is the apartment also going to be published on VARIA website?

Initially, we will upload the apartment to the VARIA website. This will create a property page. With the help of the property page, we can start marketing online.

How much does a marketing package cost?

The cost of a marketing package depends on the budget you set. We take a small commision and the rest goes towards targeted ads. Pricing ranges from 10%-20% of the marketing budget. Its important to note that you can benefit from VARIA marketing services for free if you use VARIA Real Estate Services

Can i split my marketing package across different properties?

Yes, as long as you maintain a minimum 100 shekels per property.

How long does a marketing package last?

The duration of a marketing package is one month. You can always extend or cancel at anytime. However you will have to pay for costs that have already been spent.

On what platforms do you promote your property marketing packages?

We focus mainly on Facebook and google ads, however we may extend to different ad platforms such as taboola, instagram and more.

360 Virtual Tours

I rented out my property, can I close the virtual tour?

After you rent out your apartment, In a few clicks you can close the virtual tour. No one will be able to enter the virtual tour.

What are the benefits of 360 virtual tours?

For the virtual tour service, It costs 600 ILS for apartments up to 150 meters. There will be an additional 250 ILS for every 100 additional meters. VARIA doesn't have discounts for bulk purchases. It's important to note that VARIA provides free virtual tours for homeowners who work with VARIA Real Estate Services

What technology do you use for 360 virtual tours?

We have decided to partner with the leader in virtual tour technology matterport to provide the highest quality 360 virtual tours for our customers. Matterport makes 3D cameras that create an interactive and real experience when viewing the virtual tour. The use of the camera is done for apartments for rent, measurements, and floor plan creation for the property.

How Long does a 360 Virtual Tour last?

Each 360 Virtual Tour lasts for up to one year. You have an option to extend if needed for an additional 150 shekels for every additional year.

How can people see my 360 Virtual Tour?

The virtual tour is accessible across all platforms including, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and even virtual reality headsets. It can be shared on Facebook and other social media platforms. All that is needed is internet connection.

Do I need to order a 360 Virtual Tour from VARIA in order to list on VARIA website?

No, 360 Virtual Tours is a service we provide to better suit our customers however if you already are working with a 360 Virtual Tour provider you can simply copy and input the link to showcase your 360 Virtual tour on our site!

List your property

Does it cost money to list my property?

For a standard listing there is no fee to list your property. We do offer additional services such as 360 virtual tours and marketing packages that do cost. You can see more here 360 virtual tours, marketing packages For an all-inclusive real estate experience see VARIA Real Estate Services

How many properties can I list for free?

You can list as many properties as you wish, we have no limit for the maximum you are allowed to list.

How long does my listing stay online?

You can remove your listing anytime. Your listing stays active for as long as it is relevant for you to list your property. When you are ready you can simply unpublish it and it will be removed from search results.

Do I have an agent representing me and showing my home?

When you list your property on your own, you are responsible for showing your property and answering any questions customers may have. We do offer Real Estate Agents Services offering a more complete service

VARIA Professional Services

Is it VARIA that actually provides the services?

No, We handpick the best professionals across all industries to provide service for our customers.

How much does VARIA professional services cost?

VARIA doesn’t charge a fee for finding professionals to help you with your home. However the cost of the service varies depending by case and is paid directly to the professional.

In which areas does VARIA professional services operate?

Currently we operate in all of Israel, soon expanding to the rest of the world.

What happens if I am not pleased with my service?

We handpick the best professionals in your area so the likelihood of this happening is low. If you are unpleased with the service, in some cases we may intervene to resolve the issue. However, the agreement is between you and the professional, VARIA acts as a recommender of services and is not held liable.

Rent with Varia

How much does it cost to rent out my home with VARIA?

VARIA doesn’t charge you anything to list your home for rent with us.

If I decide to list my home for rent with VARIA, how long is the contract for? Is the listing exclusive?

Our standard contract is for six months. However there is an option to exit the contract every two months. Our contract is an exclusive contract.

Where can people see my listing?

We use all of our available resources to reach the maximum amount of potential customers. This includes our site, partner sites, as well as Facebook and Google.

Rent your property with varia Virtual Tours

How do you provide the tour for free?

The virtual tour is given for free for VARIA customers who sign an exclusivity contract with us. The payment is processed only when signing a rental contract with the potential tenant

Can I request a virtual tour without being obligated to VARIA?

Yes, the price of a virtual tour of a home up to 250 meters is 600 shekels, for every additional 100 meters there is a 250 shekel additional fee. You can get more info here

What do I need to do to get a high quality virtual tour?

After signing for exclusivity, you will need to be sure to organize and clean the home so that we can film it in the highest quality possible.